Older Repertoire
 1996-1999 seasons:

Ann Kapp Anderson, Ode to Saint Cecilia (Winter 1997)
Harold Arlen, Get Happy (Winter 1998)
Johann Sebastian Bach, Wir eilen mit schwachen, doch emsigen Schritten (from Cantata 78, BWV 78) (Spring 1999)
Manton Barnes, arr. Lisa Bielawa, Gnome Sweetheart (Spring 1997)
Hildegard von Bingen, Caritas Abundat (Fall, 1998)
Johannes Brahms, Liebeslieder Waltzer, Op. 52 (with Men's Glee Club, Spring 1997)
Neue Liebeslieder Waltzer, Op. 65 (with Men's Glee Club, Spring 1997)
Schicksalslied, Op. 54 (with Men's Glee Club, Spring 1998)
Benjamin Britten, Rejoice in the Lamb (with the Men's Glee Club, Winter, 1999)
Francesca Caccini, Aure Volanti (Winter 1997)
Pablo Casals, Nigra Sum (Winter, 1999)
Pavel Chesnokov, Gladsome Light (Winter, 1999)
Claude Debussy, Salut Printemps (Winter 1997, Spring 1999)
Emma Lou Diemer, The Shepherd to His Love (Spring 1997)
Margaret Dryburgh, Captive's Hymn (Winter, 1999)
George Gershwin, Of Thee I Sing (Winter 1998); I Got Rhythm (with Men's Glee Club, Winter 1998)
arr. Nina Gilbert, Shaker Suite (I. Oh the Beautiful Treasure & II. Hop Up and Jump Up) (Spring 1999)
Georg Friderich Handel, Messiah (with Men's Glee Club, Fall 1989, 1997)
Jacob Handl, Virgines Prudentes (Fall 1996)
Stephen Hatfield, Las Amarillas (Spring 1999)
Walter Hawkins, arr. Martin Sirvatka, Goin' Up A Yonder (Spring 1998 & 1999)
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Zum Fest der heiligen Cäcila (with Men's Glee Club, Spring 1997)
Gustav Holst, Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda (Spring 1998)
Michael Hurd, St. Cecilia's Day (Spring 1997)
Delores Keane and John Faulkner, Mouth Music (Jason Chua, percussion, Spring 1999)
Libby Larsen, Ringeltänze (with Men's Glee Club, Fall 1996)
Canticle of Mary (Fall, 1998)
I Just Lightning (Winter, 1999)
Morten Lauridsen, Dirait-on from Les Chansons des Roses (So.Cal premiere, May 1998)
Claudio Monteverdi, Sfogava con le stelle (with Men's Glee Club, 1998)
Thomas Morley, Fyer, Fyer my heart! (with Men's Glee Club, Winter 1998)
Allan Naplan (arr.), Hine Ma Tov (Winter, 1999)
Maria Newman, Sing We of Music (25th anniversary commission, Winter 1997)
Sing We of Music VI.: The Theory of Art (Spring 1999)
Nicola Porpora, Magnificat (Winter 1997)
Michael Praetorius, Jubilate Deo (Fall 1997)
Ned Rorem, Tears (with Men's Glee Club, Fall 1998)
Franz Schubert, Gott in der natur (Winter 1997)
Jeanne Shaffer, Caritas (Fall, 1998)
Natalie Sleeth, O Come, O Come, Immanuel (Fall 1996)
William Sharlin, Tzor Te'udah (Fall 1996)
Barbara Strozzi, Canto di bella bocca (Winter 1997)
Dame Ethel Smyth, March of the Women (Spring 1997)
Karen Tarlow, Shiru l'Adonai (Fall 1996)
Traditional College Song, arr. Robert Ross for the Inauguration of Dr. David Baltimore, Gaudeamus Igitur (with Men's Glee Club, Winter 1988)
Traditional round, arr. Monica Hubbard, Lauda (Fall 1996)
Traditional spiritual, arr. Nina Gilbert, Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (Spring 1997)
John F. Wade, arr. David Willcocks, O Come, All Ye Faithful (Fall 1996)
Gwyneth Walker, Magnificat from Bethesda Evensong (Fall 1996)
Women Should be Pedestals (Spring 1997)
Charles Webb (trans.), Heleluyan (Winter, 1999)
David Willcocks, Psalm 150 (Winter, 1999)
Harriet Ziegenhals, You Shall Have a Song (Winter, 1999)
Belgian Carol, arr. Salli Terri, Ho, ho, Benedicamus Domino! (Fall 1996)
French Carol, arr. Katherine K. Davis, Quittez Pasteurs (Fall 1996)
German Carol, arr. Dolores Hruby, He Whom Joyous Shepherds Praised (Fall 1996)

1989-1996 seasons:

Johann Sebastian Bach, Magnificat in D major (with Men's Glee Club, Fall 1991)
Ysaye Barnwell, There is a Balm in Gilead (Winter 1996)
John Bennett, All Creatures Now are Merry Minded (Spring 1990)
Georges Bizet, Dans l'air nous suivons des yeux la fumée (Spring 1993)
Benjamin Britten, Cantata Academica, Op. 62 (with Men's Glee Club, Spring 1991)
Johannes Brahms, Phänomen (Spring 1990)
Giovanni Carlo, Maria Clari Viva il Canto (Spring 1990)
Aaron Copland, Three American Folk Tunes & Zion's Walls (Winter 1996)
William Dawson (arr.), Ain'-A That Good News! (Winter 1996)
Norman Dello Joio, A Jubilant Song (Spring 1990) Tears (with Men's Glee Club, Spring 1990)
David Elliott (arr.), Shenandoah Blues (Spring 1992)
Gabriel Fauré, Requiem (with Men's Glee Club, Winter 1994)
Maria, Mater Gratiae, Ave Verum,Tantum Ergo, Ave Maria, Messe Basse (Winter 1994)
Andrea Gabrielli, Magnificat (with Men's Glee Club, Fall 1992)
Orlando Gibbons, The Silver Swan (Spring 1990)
Gilbert and Sullivan, Trial by Jury (with Men's Glee Club, Spring 1993)
Umberto Giordana, O Pastorelle, Addio (Spring 1993)
George Friderich Handel, Come See Where Golden Hearted Spring (Spring 1992)
Michael Haydn, Magnificat (Fall 1992)
Roy Harris, Wayfaring Stranger (Spring 1992)
Hans Leo Hassler, Verbum caro factus est (with Men's Glee Club, Fall 1990)
Karle Korte, Spring (Spring 1992)
Latin plainsong, Creator of the Stars of Night (Fall 1993)
Vincent Lübeck, Willkommen, süsser Bräutigam (Fall 1992)
Lowell Mason, O Music (Winter 1996)
William Mathias, Salvator Mundi (Fall 1990), O aula nobilis (Spring 1992)
Claudio Monteverdi, Quel Augellin che canta (with Men's Glee Club, Spring 1990)
Thomas Morley, I go before my darling (Spring 1992)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Nocturnes (Spring 1992),
Ricevet, o padroncina & Seid uns zum zweitenmal willkommen (Spring 1993)
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Stabat Mater (Winter 1991)
Lloyd Pfautsch, Hello Girls (Spring 1992)
Daniel Pinkham, Three Introits for Christmastide (world premiere),
Three Motets, The Wellesley Hills Psalm Book, The Song of Jephthah's
Daughter, Manger Scenes, Angels are Everywhere, Christmas Cantata

(with Men's Glee Club, Fall 1994)
Paul Peuerl, Frisch Auf und Lasst uns Singen (Spring 1992)
Giacomo Puccini, Humming Chorus (Spring 1993)
John Rutter (arr.), O Come, O Come Emmanuel (with Men's Glee Club, Fall 1990)
Johann Hermann Schein, Von Himmel hoch, da komm ich her (Fall 1993)
Conrad Susa, A Christmas Garland (with Men's Glee Club, Fall 1992)
Jan Peters Sweelinck, Hodie Christus natus est (with Men's Glee Club, Fall 1990)
Randall Thompson, Frostiana, Velvet Shoes (Winter 1996); Place of the Blest (Spring 1996)
Eric Thiman, A Christmas Rhapsody (Fall 1991)
Giuseppe Verdi, Noi siamo, zingarelle, S'allontanarono (Spring 1993)
Johann Vierdanck, Weinachts Konzert (Fall 1993)
Thomas Weelkes, The Nightingale (Spring 1992)

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